PL 1: Bridging the urban-rural digital gap – a commercial or community effort?

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  • Multistakeholder participation proved its viability and sustainability for running the infrastructural projects in remote areas to provide Internet access.
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  • Digital literacy has a high priority for the youth and elderly. It is important to teach people basic digital skills to enable them to be competitive in a constantly developing digital world.
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  • The community experience and its direct involvement are important when investmenting in infrastructural projects. Moreover, those who were once ‘disconnected’ and are now ‘connected’, should share their experience with other communities.Regulatory and legal frameworks should be catalysers, not obstacles for the development of community networks and their funding by investors.
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  • Community networks and commercial networks can be rather complementary to each other, but it all depends on the underserved rural area and development project in question.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2018-messages/pl-1-bridging-the-urban-rural-digital-gap-a-commercial-or-community-effort/