WS 3: Regulation and the Internet economy – How to create the right building blocks for 5G networks

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  • 5G is the new standard for advanced digital communications and it promises to bring together fixed and mobile networks into one smart network. However, there are still some challenges when it comes to finding the right balance between innovation and regulation.
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  • The conflicting interests of the telecom and policy worlds still represent a big challenge. On the one hand, the industry is promoting innovation and a specific business model, and on the other, policy is trying to address the impact of a given technology in society. A fully comprehensive understanding of a technology’s impact is difficult to reach. It is important to have more inclusive discussions among the different stakeholders (telecoms, manufacturers, regulators). Moreover, we also need more inclusive approaches in addressing the potential uses of 5G, its possible linkages with other technologies such as artificial intelligence, and its limitations in terms of security, the protection of data, and health concerns.
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  • There are regulatory challenges concerning the inclusion of the different stakeholders in the discussions (e.g not only vendors but also the tech industry) as well as paying close attention to balancing the different issues that are on the regulators’ table (e.g. competition, cybersecurity, data and consumer protection).
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  • It will be easier for the private sector to grasp and appreciate the potential of 5G technology as in the case of campus networks’, for example. However, implementation challenges regarding infrastructure (such as the coexistence of private and public networks), capacity, auctions and spectrum allocations, as well as net neutrality concerns, remain to be fully addressed by the regulators.

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