WS 5: Should public policy priorities and requirements be included when designing Internet standards?

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  • Civil society and governments should participate in the development of Internet standards, though with important reservations. Policy requirements must meet engineering requirements, keep the Internet safe and resilient, and avoid political manipulation. For this purpose, policymakers should have a long-term vision of the digital future and the impact of technologies on social and economic life.
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  • We need to keep in mind the serious limitations of such participation: In particular, the lack of specific technical knowledge, time, and real participation mechanisms within the existing standardisation groups.
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  • Should we agree on establishing a new body dedicated to providing public policy input, it must be based on the multistakeholder principle, ensuring equal participation among stakeholder groups.
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  • There is a general consensus that direction on public policy priorities should be provided in advance of Internet standards development. However, more discussion is needed on whether proposed standards should be reviewed against public policy requirements before their final release.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2020-messages/ws-5-should-public-policy-priorities-and-requirements-be-included-when-designing-internet-standards/