WS 9: Content moderation on the Internet infrastructure level – Where does censorship begin?

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  • The DSA is aimed at modernising relevant rules and limiting legal uncertainty for addressing risks in digital space, including the key question of liability of service providers, including necessary technical auxiliary functions.
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  • Infrastructure intermediaries have been in the legal ‘shadows’ since the 2000 e-Commerce Directive. Today we face the necessity to clarify liability exemptions and elaborate explicit categorisation of digital services.
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  • Recent cases show that certain infrastructure providers unwillingly do content moderation by suspending services for the platforms in an ad-hoc manner without any transparent policy.
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  • We should keep in mind the proportionality of measures to target illegal content and foresee the unintended consequences on the infrastructure level. Current content moderation practices are not ideal and transparency reports are not very helpful to escape the mistakes, so what can be expected from the broader infrastructure level?

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2021-messages/ws-9-content-moderation-on-the-internet-infrastructure-level-where-does-censorship-begin/