WS 1 and WS1 follow-up: Digital services regulation – opportunities and challenges

Rapporteur: Marilia Maciel, Geneva Internet Platform

  • The Digital Services Act package should support an open, diverse, and competitive ecosystem in which small players and European entrepreneurs in particular are capable of thriving.
  • The Digital Services Act package should be granular and clear enough so actors can both understand and comply with the regulations, but it also needs to be flexible, and open to revision and updates based on evidence and market response.
  • Product design is an important step in achieving norm compliance. Product design should be mindful of existing regulations and, to the extent possible, help to fulfill policy objectives.
  • The design of the Digital Services Act package should tackle specific issues such as enhancing clarity of some obligations (including of due diligence obligations), of its geographical application and extraterritorial effects, and of content moderation provisions in the Digital Services Act that could potentially have ‘chilling effects’.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2021-messages/ws-1-and-ws1-follow-up-digital-services-regulation-opportunities-and-challenges/