X IGF-UA Final plenary

“UNSG HLPDC Report from the point of view of different stakeholders”

Kyiv, Ukraine, 23rd September 2019

Final plenary of X IGF-UA, which was held on 23rd of September 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine, was devoted to the discussion of “The Age of Digital Interdependence” (the United Nations Secretary-General’ High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation report).

Key speakers of the panel: Alex Semenyaka, RIPE NCC. Alexander Isavnin, Internet Protection Society, Natalia Mochu, ICANN, Roberto Gaetano, EURALO ICANN, Serhii Saienko, MFA of Ukraine. Discussion was moderated by Oksana Prykhodko, iNGO European Media Platform.


  1. Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and the concept of multistakeholderism (MSH) have to be supported, first of all on ideological level.
  2. Nevertheless IGF demands enlargement and work on some crisis phenomena, as well as MSH, which is difficult on practical level and time-consuming, has a room for improvement (by mutual efforts of all stakeholders).
  3. It is necessary to minimize the risks of spoofing and imitation of MSH approach.
  4. Internet can not work without trust, but confidence-building is extremely delicate and fragile process, and trust can not be imposed top-down or be simply imported from best-practices. The process of confidence-building has to be based on the model of risks and institution of reputation.
  5. MSH is gradually applied beyond Internet Governance issues. This process is highly appreciated, but demands additional efforts on promotions, awareness raising and capacity building.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/digital-cooperation-report/comments-by-email/x-igf-ua-comments-on-unsg-hlpdc-report/