WS 10: Blockchain & privacy

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  • The biggest threat to privacy is the huge collection of personal data that is controlled by single actors. By using blockchain technology, we can avoid the centralisation of data, therefore reducing the risks to privacy and respecting the right to be forgotten.
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  • In regards to our rights, freedoms, and responsibilities, the self-sovereign identity (SSI) is coming forward as the fundamental building block and a defining point of the future success of blockchain-enabled innovation. We should focus more on understanding the place of trust and ‘trustworthiness’ beyond one single actor.
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  • Greater focus should be put on advancing awareness and education about the complexity behind SSIs in particular, and blockchain technology in general.
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  • Education should be complemented by regulation in the long run. We should address the issue of the trade-off between user friendliness, simplicity, and privacy empowerment by the SSIs.
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  • Developing standards could help create a common language between the law and information technologies. This would reduce legal uncertainty around the use of personal data within blockchain-based systems.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2019-messages/ws-10-blockchain-privacy/