FS 4: European mediascape – How to (re)create a trusted public sphere?

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  • Support was expressed for innovative efforts to create trusted European media space, by all relevant actors, from EP to media organizations.as the EBU
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  • DSA, DMA are the first step to deal with the existing dominance of platforms. But all regulation (incl. copyright-related) should avoid causing unintended consequences and respect human rights and fundamental values
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  • One institution doesn’t solve the problem. Multistakeholder approach needed. Platforms have a big stake, and should be required to develop transparent self/co-regulation.
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  • In the last line of defense are individual users, each of them perceiving content within their own context. Those defenses should be strengthened by media education.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2021-messages/fs-4-european-mediascape-how-to-recreate-a-trusted-public-sphere/