WS 7: Cybersecurity challenges ahead! How would you shape regulation to address changing technology?

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  • All stakeholders need to be represented at the table in their respective roles. Despite the fact that some issues have to be settled by a specific stakeholder group with expertise, conclusions can only be reached if all the stakeholders’ perspectives are taken into account.
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  • Current technological challenges have created a global appetite for further regulation; nevertheless, flexibility is needed for understanding, on a case by case basis, whether further regulation is needed. Some of the challenges currently hampering the regulatory policymaking process are related to the false dichotomy that privacy and security are in contrast with each other. Security and privacy by design could be a solution.
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  • The current approach has promoted self-regulation. Debates on effective regulation need to consider and implement stronger enforcement mechanisms which existing institutions and tools tend to lack. In the absence of an independent judiciary for cyberspace, new mechanisms for dispute settlement should complement existing legal frameworks. Moreover, the implementation of best practices by like-minded countries can further strengthen the adoption of responsible behaviour to a larger number of actors.
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  • In order to address the challenges posed by emerging technologies, better transparency and accountability mechanisms are required. Digital literacy, security, and consumer awareness need to be better implemented for a more effective holistic approach.

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