WS 14: Privacy impact of COVID19-related shift to online activities (payments, virtual meetings …)

Rapporteur: Arvin Kamberi, Geneva Internet Platform

  • In the field of online participation and online work, we need to start introducing more thorough privacy policies, and appropriate training for present and future remote industries.
  • Digital literacy is important to prevent increased attacks on users in the financial sector. This was evidenced by all sorts of scams and attacks amplified during the period of extensive use of online finance.
  • With the introduction of online tools in telemedicine, online education, and the public sector, a big task will be to actively promote the idea that data protection is not an obstacle to productivity and innovation.
  • Even with the GDPR in place, compliance of services is often overlooked in search of the right balance on tech advancements and user rights. A good way forward might be to see what the specific goal is, and address that particular issue. Data protection is a different issue for different users. We might need a talk on how the future of data protection will look like.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2021-messages/ws-14-privacy-impact-of-covid19-related-shift-to-online-activities-payments-virtual-meetings/