PL 2: Information disorder: causes, risks and remedies.

  • All human rights are impacted by the phenomena that we face on the Internet now, the so-called information disorder, which is much wider than just fake news. These are misinformation, mal information and disinformation.
  • The cause why disinformation is created, promoted and amplified is an intention to cause harm to our democracies.
  • In order to find effective remedy, we need to have in mind why disinformation is created in the first place. Even though many states are trying to use regulation as remedy, we need to avoid regulation that would undermine the very freedom of expression.
  • Propaganda has to be differentiated from fake new, disinformation and similar phenomena, since it has different nature and requires different treatment.

  • Civil society, it is known, is serving in the fundamental promotion of democratic values and in that process today they are commonly using social media for their work. It was presented that the use of social media for civic engagement has the potential to preventively counteract tendencies to radicalisation.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2018-messages/pl-2-information-disorder-causes-risks-and-remedies/