WS 3: The Impact of DNS Encryption on the Internet Ecosystem and its Users

Rapporteur: Ilona Stadnik, Geneva Internet Platform

  • The encryption of DNS queries (DoH, DoT) has different effects on end-users, ISPs, operating systems, browsers, and applications.
  • Though DoH can result in stronger privacy and security for an end-user, it can also bring additional problems, such as limited choice of DNS resolvers, as well as specific browser or OS configurations and their upgrades. For ISPs it creates even more problems – the balance of power between browser and operator communities is broken, bringing forth high risks of market and network centralisation.
  • We have to work on deployment models that will address these problems, keeping in mind the education of end-users about DNS operations and increasing the level of trust in ISPs and DNS resolvers.
  • We also need to think about legal aspects of relationships between end-users and DoH/DoT providers.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2020-messages/ws-3-the-impact-of-dns-encryption-on-the-internet-ecosystem-and-its-users/