PRE 4: UNESCO launch of the 2nd draft of Internet Universality Indicators as a comprehensive tool for enhancing a free, open, rights based and inclusive Internet.

  • UNESCO presented the 2nd draft of Internet Universality indicators and engaged with Eurodig stakeholders on how to implement them at national level for assessing Internet development and formulating evidence-based policy improvements, in order to foster online democracy and human rights towards building inclusive knowledge societies and achieving 2030 sustainable development agenda.
  • EuroDIG stakeholders recognize that 281 draft Internet Universality indicators assessing human rights, openness, access and multi stakeholder participation as well as crosscutting issues serve a holistic approach to combine institutional, quantitative and quantitative so as to draw a comprehensive picture of national development and dynamics on Internet policies.
  • However given the complexity of conducting national assessment, EuroDIG stakeholders suggested UNESCO continue its effort to engage with regional and national stakeholders and provide training and capacity building workshops/webinars/for national assessment conductors to grasp the methodology and secure the quality of the national assessment.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2018-messages/pre-4-unesco-launch-of-the-2nd-draft-of-internet-universality-indicators-as-a-comprehensive-tool-for-enhancing-a-free-open-rights-based-and-inclusive-internet/