WS 11: Converging markets and blurred borders – challenges for e-commerce in Europe

Jana Misic

  • Strengthening eCommerce in Eastern Europe should be based on a country specific context, and consider issues such as infrastructure, language, geographical position, consumer culture, algorithms and education.
  • Understanding the ’consumer culture’ is necessary for finding a balance between advocating e-commerce or regular commerce. This helps avoid the ‘channel biases’ that harm overall trade.
  • When setting e-commerce as a policy objective for economic development, developing countries should be careful in opening up their markets. Consolidating competition and consumer protection is key.
  • Infrastructure remains one of the main challenges for e-commerce in Europe. Improving it can also lead to increasing inequality between the rural and urban areas, and this should be clearly addressed in the economic and development policies.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2018-messages/ws-11-converging-markets-and-blurred-borders-challenges-for-e-commerce-in-europe/