Subtopic 1: Virtual worlds, but real risks: navigating metaverses as a next generation of digital platforms

Rapporteur: Boris Begović

Establishing robust governance for virtual worlds is crucial and should ensure inclusive and secure spaces accessible to all. Neglecting global governance could lead to exclusive communities controlled by a select few. By collaborating with global stakeholders and utilising existing structures like EuroDIG, ICANN, and the IGF, we should aim to build upon our shared interests and make progress together.

The community must persist in engaging in the discussion about the metaverse, even as it loses its current trendiness and gives way to the prominence of AI. To foster a constructive trajectory, we must proactively contemplate the governance framework before widespread metaverse utilisation.

Prioritising a collective agreement on guiding principles is crucial for effectively implementing and enforcing human rights in the metaverse. However, before addressing these matters, the key is to unite globally and acknowledge that state-centric, corporate-led governance of the metaverse is inadequate.

It is vital to recognise that digital tools are meant to serve and support us, human beings. Our goal should be to ensure that the virtual world remains in service to the analogue world, harmonising both spheres for the benefit of humanity.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2023-messages/main-topic-3-digital-platforms/subtopic-1-virtual-worlds-but-real-risks-navigating-metaverses-as-a-next-generation-of-digital-platforms/