PL 1: Global digital governance – Can technical solutions respond to policy questions?

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  • The current status quo is featured by a variety of legal tools with various degrees of effectivity. Approaches should be principle based and facilitate statutory rules and restrictions with duties of care.
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  • Ensuring trust in hardware and software devices has long been focused on lengthy and expensive certifications which could undermine innovation. A different approach could consist in making users more responsible for their actions, and thus in charge of their online privacy and security. This would give control back to the users.
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  • The role of governments and policymakers should be a future-oriented one. Policymakers need to develop long-term strategies to address existing challenges, such as but not limited to, inequalities, the digital divide, and the impact of digitalisation on jobs. Such strategies need to have a long-time vision to ensure effectivity in an exponentially evolving digital and technological scenario.
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  • Regulation is not enough: there is a need for norms, standards, and safety nets. The approach needs to be human-centric, focused on the protection of individual rights and a global regime where human rights standards are respected.
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  • As a society, we should be aware of two existential threats: the destruction of the environment we are evolving within, and the automation of the exploitation of human psychological weaknesses at scale. Such industry-created threats need to be tackled in the next ten years. In order to achieve a healthy digital environment by 2030, an effective regulation of digital platforms should be developed. Moreover, the excessive power and influence of digital giants should be tackled.

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