WS2: Enhancing users’ confidence in cyberspace – risks and solutions

Rapporteur: Andrijana Gavrilovic, Geneva Internet Platform

  • There is a need for stronger digital literacy, particularly for children, their parents and teachers, and those who are forced to become a part of digital society by the pandemic, such as the elderly. Digital literacy should be approached in an interdisciplinary manner. Users should be more aware of risks and taught to think critically, as well as differentiate between safe and unsafe practices.
  • Security needs to be more user-friendly. To that end, ICT providers need to provide greater transparency around their practices, especially regarding the implementation of security by design and security by default.
  • Companies should implement policies that will raise user trust in these companies. They should be more transparent on how data management is installed, how they handle user data, how their vulnerability disclosure practices work, and how the mechanisms for reporting inappropriate content on social media platforms function.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2020-messages/ws2-enhancing-users-confidence-in-cyberspace-risks-and-solutions/