Workshop 3: Network Evolution: Challenges and Solutions

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  2. Overview of the EU Commission White Paper: The current state of network infrastructure and computing continuum is inadequate to provide universal access to the Internet in the EU, with weaknesses in the cloud and AI sectors. Financial pressures (e.g. investment challenges and low conversion rates), worsened by the disaggregation of hardware and software, threaten long-term technological advancement and digitalisation.
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  2. Economic and Technological Solutions: Creating a single digital market with secure infrastructure and sustainable competition is essential to counter financial pressures, increase scalability, and improve network capabilities. This can be pursued by investing in technology and improving efficiency through cloud technology, optical fibre, and smart networks.
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  2. Integrated, Flexible, and Consumer-Centered Governance: An integrated, multi-stakeholder EU governance model prioritising consumer impacts is crucial to navigating the Internet’s complex ever-evolving value chain. Rather than recurring to stringent regulations, this decision-making process should improve user experiences, and maintain global digital competitiveness.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2024-messages/workshops/workshop-3-network-evolution-challenges-and-solutions/