PL 2: Intersection of standards and policy

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  • The intersection between public policy and technical standards does not rely on the implementation of standards alone, their adoption and recognition is equally important. This is where the dialogue between the policy-makers and code-makers comes in, it should be aimed at breaking down silos.
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  • It is essential to bring down the barriers between the policy-making and code-making communities. The multistakeholder model provides the necessary framework to achieve this and must be further enhanced to create more trust and better understanding between the communities. Trust between the stakeholders can be achieved once the respective stakeholders have a greater grasp of the complexity of the fields of their partners.
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  • Applying standards is not the only way to make the Internet work. There is an important role for each method and mechanism of the rule-making arsenal wherein good practices might provide very strong (but voluntary) mechanisms, without the (often) innovation-hampering elements of a law.

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