WS 12: Best practices of self- and co-regulation of platforms towards a legal framework

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  • Liberal approaches by governments to online platforms in the beginning led to the rise of platform power to influence the public sphere. Though we have soft law arrangements like voluntary codes of conduct to regulate harmful content, they are not sufficient to address serious problems like extremist content and disinformation while ensuring the right to free speech.
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  • Self-regulation, co-regulation, and multistakeholder/multidisciplinary governance models are being challenged with the need to reconcile different accountability and power structures that exist within them. Of additional importance, they should have internal and external legitimacy.
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  • Externally, a governance model must be recognised for the quality and timeliness of its decisions; internally, it has to have robust checks and balances.
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  • There should be a global collaborative effort between governments, tech companies, and civil society to develop a solution grounded in human rights that will address disinformation and harmful content.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2021-messages/ws-12-best-practices-of-self-and-co-regulation-of-platforms-towards-a-legal-framework/