Closing Session – Future of the IGF

Claudio Lucena

  • The Internet is not only vital for the ICT industry, but for many other stakeholders too, and the IGF community has to find a way to make the industry, but also governments feel that it is important for them to participate in IGF initiatives and processes; more focus on ‘hot’ topics could be an alternative.
  • The IGF environment must be able to show concrete results, some form of consensus or agreement, supported by the community, even if they are not decisions, in order to convey a stronger general perception that the IGF is relevant.
  • The forum has to be relevant to the business sector; if they get their topics discussed, chances that they will join and keep engaged are higher.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2018-messages/closing-session-future-of-the-igf/