PL 4: Greening Internet governance – Environmental sustainability and digital transformation

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  • An indicator that measures the environmental impact of digital technologies is necessary to enable making the right decisions at the regulatory and political levels.
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  • To reduce the environmental impact of the digital world, we should buy less devices, use our devices for longer, and give them a second life when we no longer use them.
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  • We need to make sure that the infrastructure we use runs on green power. We should leverage policy, and in particular the policy on spending public money, to speed along the use of a greener Internet.
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  • Areas where international co-ordination is needed the most are measures to promote the circular economy, to share environmental data, to reduce environmentally harmful consumption, to promote efficiency and enhance digital applications, and to ensure transparency regarding environmental costs and materials, as well as the improvement of data protection through technical measures.
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  • Regulations that increase circular production and consumption, ensure corporate accountability, and increase the reuse of devices as well as increasing their longevity are some of the most important policy areas that need to be addressed in order for Europe to have a sustainable digital future.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2020-messages/pl-4-greening-internet-governance-environmental-sustainability-and-digital-transformation/