We live in an era of increasing interdependence and accelerating change, much of it driven by technological advances such as low-cost computing, the internet and mobile connectivity. Moments of change present new opportunities to solve old problems. The efficiency, innovation, and speed of a digitally connected world can expand what is possifor everyone – including those who historically have been marginalised.

At the same time, humanity faces significant new challenges. Modern technologies can be used to erode security and violate privacy. We are also beginning to see complex impacts on education systems and labor markets.

We believe the opportunities for human progress in the digital age ultimately outweigh the challenges – if we join together in a spirit of cooperation and inclusiveness.

We urgently need to lay the foundations of an inclusive digital economy and society for all. We need to focus our energies on policies and investments that will enable people to use technology to build better lives and a more peaceful, trusting world. Making this vision a reality will require all stakeholders to find new ways of working together. That is why the Secretary General appointed this Panel and what we have sought to do with this Report.

We are grateful to each member of the Panel, the Secretariat, and the many groups and individuals we consulted; though the views expressed were not always in agreement, they were always conveyed with respect and in the spirit of collaboration.

No one knows how technology will evolve, but we do know that our path forward must be built through cooperation and illuminated by shared human values. We hope this Report will contribute to improved understanding of the opportunities and challenges ahead, so that together we can shape a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

Melinda Gates
Jack Ma
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Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/digital-cooperation-report/foreword/