Workshop 1a: Child safety online – update on legal regulatory trends combatting child sexual abuse online

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  2. Advancements in legal and regulatory measures on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA): The EU CSA Regulation (EU CSAR) holds online service providers accountable for monitoring, detecting, reporting, and removing harmful material. It also mandates impact assessments and mitigation measures reported to the national monitoring authority. The UK Online Safety Act imposes obligations on providers to tackle harmful and illegal content on social media platforms and websites. Finally, the Lithuanian Law on the Protection of Minors emphasises adult responsibility in safeguarding minors from harmful public information, including pornography and broader CSA content.
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  2. Major concerns and benefits: CSA is currently growing exponentially and has severe consequences on the rights and development of children. This is why detection and prevention should go hand in hand. However, client-side scanning raises substantial privacy and security issues, with users fearing insufficient protection measures, potential loss of anonymity, and circumvention of encryption standards, risking online communication security. Moreover, function creep and lack of independent oversight are vicious risks, combined with the fact that the precedent CSA regulation allows law enforcement to obtain the technical capability to monitor all European citizens in real time. Age verification is perceived as both a risk and a benefit, enhancing child protection online, constraining CSA material spread, and empowering children.
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  2. The interplay of privacy and safety: EuroDIG believes privacy and safety are intertwined and inseparable, advocating that technical solutions to combat child sexual abuse must ensure a balance between the two. These measures should be centred on children’s rights and their best interests, as a way forward to achieve this balance.

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