Subtopic 1: Understanding the risks of internet fragmentation

Rapporteur: Bojana Kovač

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 5 Different governments, actors, and stakeholders have different perspectives on what internet fragmentation is. Thus, it is crucial to address the risks that come with it rather than trying to define it. Government regulations that fragment the internet, whether intentionally or not, prevent it from being an open space. The failure to explain the nuance of regulations and the unclear type of intervention imposed by such regulations are among the main concerns that internet fragmentation policies raise.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 1 Geopolitics is another concern, as politicising the fundamentals of the internet can endanger its technical nature. Content regulations that had unintentional effects on the technical level are now becoming intentional. The call for action is to enhance cross-government education and communication on internet governance while also ensuring that companies and the civil society sector are included in such discussions.

Source: https://comment.eurodig.org/eurodig-2023-messages/main-topic-2-internet-fragmentation/subtopic-1-understanding-the-risks-of-internet-fragmentation/